Vanilla via Northstar

While Northstar comes pre-packaged with mods to support community servers and custom content, some users may not want all of this. Northstar can also be used to load mods on vanilla more easily and with more stability than vpk modding, and can sometimes help when the game doesn't want to launch at all.

Launching vanilla Titanfall 2 via Northstar (no mods)

This method of launching Titanfall 2 is generally done when some part of Steam/EA launching Titanfall 2 doesn't work properly. You can do this by going to your Titanfall2 directory, creating a Vanilla.bat file, right clicking the Vanilla.bat file, hitting Edit, then entering NorthstarLauncher.exe -nonorthstardll.

Once you do this, double click the Vanilla.bat file to load vanilla Titanfall 2 via Northstar without mods.

Launching vanilla Titanfall 2 via Northstar (with mods)

While Northstar is seeing more progress towards vanilla compatibility, it's still decently far out. A community made modification is available in the form of VanillaPlus to load mods on vanilla. It should be noted that, again, this is a community made modification and is not "officially" Northstar.

To use it, read the mod's description on Thunderstore to install it, as it has a special install process compared to other mods. If you have any issues, check the VanillaPlus FAQ to see if you can find your issue there. If you can't find your issue on the FAQ, open an issue on the mod's GitHub repo.

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