Northstar comes included with some community made gamemodes.

If you are looking for every available gamemode and its corresponding string check hosting/gamemodes

Gun Game

Get a kill with each gun to win.

Titan Tag

Earn points while in your titan. Destroy a titan to get your own.


Survivors are infected when killed.

Amped Killrace

Get kills to increase the length of your killrace. Collect the flag to start it. Set the record to win.


Hack control panels to win rounds and respawn your teammates.

Competitive CTF

CTF with custom settings for Comp games.

Frontier War

Kill enemies to earn your titan, and use it to destroy the enemies Harvester.


Northstar also comes with several gameplay modifiers called riffs that can be toggled on and off by server hosts, or used in a private match.

Deadly Ground

Creates a layer of electric smoke on the lowest parts of the map (does not cover the entire map)

Great Bamboozle

Everyone's kit is changed to Holo Pilot.

Attack on Titanfall

Everyone's kit is changed to Grapple, and Grapple gains one extra use.


Everyone's kit is changed to Phase Shift.


Replaces all ordnance/grenades with ticks.


Killing an enemy refreshes your tactical/pilot kit.

Amped Tacticals

Every tactical/pilot kit gets an additional use to it

Rocket Arena

Weapons are replaced with an EPG that does 40 damage, a RE-45 that does reduced damage, and a Charge Rifle

Armed & Dangerous

Weapons are replaced with a Kraber, Mastiff, and Charge Rifle

Iron Rules

Disables disembarking and ejecting from titans.

First person embarks/executions

Enables first person embark animations for titans and first person executions for both pilots and titans.


Every kill gibs

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