Discord moderation

This page contains information targetted at Discord moderators.

General stuff

  • Communication: Communication is key. Any changes and actions should be discussed with other moderators unless they are very obvious (e.g. scambans). Any changes to permissions etc should be discussed first in #staff-suggestions. Any changes performed should also be manually written down in #changelog so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Use Dyno: Use dyno commands to perform actions like mutes and bans. Dyno log is way easier to search than Discord's native audit log and helps us keep track of who did what.

  • Staff tickets: User requests like receiving Contributor/Modder role should be handled via staff ticket. This way other moderators can chime in and public channels are not clogged with unnecessary info.

  • Warn liberally: User warns are stored in Dyno log. They should be performed as a first measure on misconduct. It's better to warn once too many times than ban someone without warning.

Useful commands

  • !scamban UID: Bans a user with a message telling them that their account has been compromised and has been spreading scam.

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