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Frequently asked questions

If you have any issues please go to the troubleshooting page.

Q: Where are all my levels and saved loadouts?

A: Northstar runs separate from official servers and progress does not carry over.
However your progress on official servers is not lost, so running vanilla client after playing on Northstar you should be back to your old level on official servers.

Q: How do I open the console?

Q: How can I check if my server is listed on the server browser?

You can use community-made server browsers such as: https://taskinoz.com/northstar/ or https://cpdt.dev/northstar/

Q: Will there be a console version?

A: No.

Q: Does AI work? What about custom maps?

A: AI does work! Custom maps however will take time. Possibly a lot of time, don't ask for an ETA.

Q: I'm trying to invite a friend via Steam/Origin but they cannot join me?

A: Due to the way Northstar works, you sadly cannot just create a private match and invite a friend via Steam/Origin. Instead you'll have to host a server.
Check the prerequisites:
and instructions to host a listen server:

Q: Can I use Northstar to play the campaign?

A: The campaign can be played using Northstar but for the best experience it is recommended to use vanilla. A co-op campaign mod is in development and it will be made available when it is finished.

Q: I get an error saying "Showing user info for UID 0 on hardware" and can't connect to servers

A: Should be fixed soon.

Q: Can you host a dedicated server on Linux?

A: It works using wine and llvmpipe, a guide is WIP.

Q: I get an error message saying "Connection timed out" when trying to connect to my own dedicated server

A: Add +net_usesocketsforloopback 1 in your ns_startup_args.txt and ns_startup_dedi_args.txt, restart both client and server.

Q: What's with the "r2" part in the name of some of the Northstar things?

r2 refers to the internal development name of Titanfall 2 given to it by Respawn. Titanfall 1 for example is r1, Apex Legends is r5, etc. The reason this wiki for example is called r2northstar.gitbook.io is due to the fact that "Northstar" is a rather common name and as such often already reserved by other organisations and people. "R2Northstar" is both uncommon and therefore still available and ties "Northstar" with Titanfall 2, due to the r2 part of the name.

Q: Can I use a pirated/cracked copy Titanfall 2 to run Northstar?

A: The answer is obvious, No! Northstar does not support piracy of any kind. If you want to use Northstar you'll have to purchase Titanfall 2 either from Steam/Origin/EA Desktop App or use a subscription service like Gamepass PC and EA Play.

Q: Where is Frontier Defense?

A: Frontier Defense is currently in development and will be available in a release when it's finished.