Startup arguments

Startup arguments can be added in the ns_startup_args_dedi.txt file. Example: +setplaylist private_match +mp_gamemode ps

ArgumentsAccepted ValuesDescription


see Gamemodes (Should be the same as mp_gamemode unless you want a private match)

Set the server type (If it is not private_match, make sure you have also included +map and NOT mp_lobby or else you can't search your server in the game)


Edits the behaviour of the server


int beteween 1-65535

Determines which UDP port the server will listen to


Forces the gamemode of the server


see Maps (mp_lobby is the default if not included)

Forces the map of the server at the first start



Allows PlaylistOverrides to override max player count


Allows send the commands using in-game chat


Allows the same account joining multiple times

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