Pre-installed mods

Northstar by default comes with 3 mods installed. They are located in the Titanfall2\R2Northstar\mods folder. You can access these from the Mods menu at the bottom of the main menu.

  • Northstar.Client - Various ui and client changes to fix bugs and add better support for mods

  • Northstar.Custom - Additional gamemodes and weapons for the game, such as Fastball, Titan Tag, Infection, and Hide and Seek.

  • Northstar.CustomServers - The basic mod for hosting servers with additional match settings

Community created mods

Northstar additionally has many mods that are created by members of the community which are avaliable on the Northstar Discord. They can be found in the following channels:

  • #northstar-client-mods for client-side only mods like HUD changes, skins, etc.

  • #northstar-server-mods for mods that primarily target servers, like new gamemodes, moderation tools, etc.


Northstar also has a Thunderstore page! You can find lots of mods here too! These mods are packaged slightly differently, and therefore have a different install proccess. In each .zip you download from Thunderstore, there will, at minimum be 2 files, icon.png and manifest.json. You can ignore or delete those. There will also be a folder called mods and in said folder the mod itself. Move the contents of the mods folder into R2Northstar\mods and you should be good!

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