If you are not experienced with x64dbg it its recommended to use Visual Studio.


  • Download x64dbg

  • Extract the release folder somewhere on your PC

  • Download the latest relase of SycllaHide

  • Merge the contents of the x64dbg folder into the previously extracted release folder

  • Run x96dbg.exe

    • You may receive a Windows SmartScreen prompt, x64dbg snapshots are not signed and will always cause these prompts

    • When running for the first time it will ask you some questions. After this is complete rerun the executable.

  • Do make debugging easier it is suggested to change your settings to the following:

  • Open NorthstarLauncher.exe in x64dbg

  • You are now free to debug Northstar


Debugging Northstar under Linux is not trivial due to the direct dependency on Origin, unless you know your way around wine its recommended to debug on Windows.

To simplify the use of x64dbg and automate running Origin a community member has created a script: ns-linux-dbg

To run it simply invoke it: ./nsdbg.py It supports a variety of options as well as vanilla wine and Proton, use the help flag to see all possible options: ./nsdbg.py --help

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