Manual installation

Installing Northstar:

Firstly, note that the Northstar client is only available on PC and requires you to both own the game and have it installed.

  1. Download the latest version of Northstar from the releases page

    • For Steam - Right click Titanfall 2 > Open Properties > Click Local Files > Click Browse Usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Titanfall2

    • For Origin - To find the location of your Origin library go to Origin -> Application Settings -> Installs & Saves -> On your Computer -> Game Library Location Go to the directory mentioned there using File Explorer and open the Titanfall2 folder. Usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Titanfall2

    • For EA App - To find the location of your EA library go to Settings -> Download Go to the directory under "Install location" using File Explorer and open the Titanfall2 folder. ⚠️ The default location C:\Program Files\EA Games\Titanfall2 is not writeable by non-admin processes. If you installed Titanfall2 in the default location using EA App, please move the install to a different location and change the install directory to the new location.

  2. Launch NorthstarLauncher.exe to start Northstar

Should you notice any issues/warnings/errors while running Northstar, check the troubleshooting page.


Updating Northstar

To update, first delete the core mods (Northstar.Client, Northstar.Custom, and Northstar.CustomServers) from Titanfall2/R2Northstar/mods. Then, simply follow the same process you used to install Northstar using the newest zipped release of Northstar.

When copying the new files, if prompted, make sure to select "Overwrite".

Note that if you modified some files like ns_startup_args.txt, these will also be overwritten. If you want to keep the changes you made make sure to make a copy of these files beforehand and change them back after applying the update.

Installing Northstar mods manually

Alongside installing Northstar, many users choose to install additional mods to replace/add any number of things in Titanfall 2. This guide will go over how to do this manually.

A quick image guide to installing mods can be found below:

If this doesn't make sense to you, you can follow the text guide below.

First, you'll want to find a mod you want from Northstar's Thunderstore page.

Once you find your mod, hit the Manual Download button near the top of the page. This will download the mod's Thunderstore package (note: NOT the mod itself). While you're doing this, check if the mod requires any additional dependencies, which you can see in the area circled below:

If a mod says it has required dependencies (apart from Northstar), download them as well.

After this, open the folder that gets downloaded. Inside of here, you should normally see a folder called mods, and a few files called icon.png, manifest.json, and From here, open the mods folder. Inside of here, you will find the actual folder for the mod. Move this folder to Titanfall2/R2Northstar/mods. Make sure to repeat this process for any and all dependencies the mod has.

Note that there are variants of these. Some mods you download from Thunderstore are actually packages of mods stored inside the mods folder in the Thunderstore package. Some mods are formatted "improperly" (when following modding guides; though these aren't exactly "wrong") and won't have a mods folder, instead they just have the mod folder itself in the downloaded Thunderstore package.

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