Northstar is split over multiple git repositories that fulfill different functions.

  • Atlas: The next-gen master server for Northstar

  • Northstar: Contains compiled and packaged releases

  • NorthstarLauncher: Contains the source for the launcher used to modify the Titanfall|2 install to allow mods to be loaded.

  • NorthstarMods: Contains the standard mods shipped with Northstar to allow joining and hosting custom servers.

  • NorthstarMasterServer: Contains the source for the old master server used to authenticate clients, display the server browser list, and connect clients to community hosted servers.

  • NorthstarDiscordRPC: Contains plugin to integrate Northstar with Discord's SDK to enable rich presence.

  • NorthstarNavs: Contains custom navmesh files to use with TItanfall 2 AI

  • NorthstarStubs: Contains D3D11 and GFSDK stubs for the Northstar dedicated server.

  • NorthstarTF: The Northstar website.

  • NorthstarWiki: The repository for this wiki.

  • ModdingDocs: Contains guides and tutorials on how to mod using Northstar

Check the subpages of this wiki for additional information about some of these repositories.

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