A Development Master Server uses http requests, it should be used for development purposes on your local machine.

Installation steps

  1. Copy the default dev.env to .env replace the ip with

  2. Run npm install && npm run watch.

Your master server is now running, to connect to it you need to change some configuration files.

Northstar default masterserver is, to point to a new location you need to modify this URL in the autoexec_ns_server.cfg and autoexec_ns_client.cfg config files.

Enabling HTTPS

HTTPS should be used if you plan for other people to use your master server. It can be enabled pretty easy with Caddy. Download a Caddy binary and create a Caddyfile with the following content:

{$SHORTDOMAIN:localhost} {

After configuring your DNS domain you can run it with caddy run. Caddy will automatically generate and maintain your certificates for you, check its documentation for more info:

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